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An exhibition about rethinking design for human and environment.

In DESIGN: INCLUSIVE, we share how inclusiveness shapes design humanelyhumanly and environmentally in the creative process. In this exhibition, we explore two topics: Humanity: Inclusive Footwear for an Aging Population and Design for Environmental(ity): Speculative Circularity.

In this fast-paced society, our life and behavior have been rapidly transformed by emerging  technology, political environment, advancing healthcare, social justice, climate change, and much more., In the midst of these large, complex, and systemic challenges, we suggest to keep reflecting and asking ourselves: Whose voice is (and continues to be) missing? Who in our society has been deemed vulnerable or less powerful? Which groups of people are confronting the largest degree of exclusion? With “Inclusive Footwear Design for an Aging Population,” We want to uplift the power of inclusive design by reimagining the future of footwear for older adults and those of us who are growing older each day. This has resulted in seven design expressions originating from the intersection of arts, engineering, science, and design. We believe that this intersection can work to spread awareness and promote acts of inclusion. This is an engine for innovation.

In Design for Environmental(ity): Speculative Circularity, we explore the possibility of integrating circular design thinking and data perspective of material into our everyday life and design practice. Through exploring how to consider the design experiment in an environmentally-inclusive way, We demonstrate our journey through sessions in this exhibition: collection, rethink and redesign. In the material session, we explore the potential of material reuse collection in our everyday life and the environment we interact with. In the Collect session, we viewed the objects we interact with everyday through the lenses of data, time, and space. In the Rethink section, we invite the audiences to co-create with the after-life material and product and rethink the story of their experience. In the Redesign section, we challenge the traditional way of thinking about the impact of design on our environment through experimental design practice with unwanted treasures.

February 9, 2022 ~ March 12, 2022

Support From:
Council of Art at MIT
MIT Architecture
MIT AgeLab
MIT International Design Center(IDC)
MIT Urban Risk Lab
IDSA Boston