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An exhibition about rethinking design for human and environment.


12:00pm(EST), Feb 25th, 2020

Grace Jun
CEO, Open Style Lab
Assistant Professor, the University of Georgia

︎︎︎Open Style Lab

Grace Jun is a professor at the University of Georgia (UGA) researching creative practices that are inclusive of disability, which manifests into outcomes such as accessible graphic design and adaptive fashion. She is also CEO of a Smithsonian National award-winning nonprofit organization called Open Style Lab (OSL). Grace's commitment to designing with disability groups is reflected in her latest publication, Universal Materiality, and an anticipated book on fashion & disability to be released for 2023. Grace has been featured in Forbes, New York Times Style, and recently the Washington Post. From the White House to ABC Channel News, Grace has been asked to speak about disability and design in numerous settings around the world. She is a proud alumnus of both Parsons School of Design and RISD majoring in Design & Technology (MFA) and Graphic Design (BFA) respectively. Grace has previously held positions as a UX Designer at Samsung Electronics and as an Assistant Professor at The New School, Parsons School of Fashion. A recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts, she also serves on jury committees and organizations that advance the arts & design.

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